Dear Friends

Sorry you have not heard from me. I have just now settled in really. Then yesterday as I was about to start to write, my computer breaks down obviously.


So what is a girl to do? Especially with the WiFi on her phone being dodgy?
Wait until the next day to use the bus and school WiFi of course!
      So it may be apparent now that I am OK. Some of you never even asked, good to know. 😛  Now I can tell who really cares.
       I was super worried about getting on the plane and the flight from Orlando to the UK, there was some difficulty but thank goodness they were running behind. And the plane landing was late because of some other plane having an issue on the runway so we circled the airport about 5 times, I counted.


      Anyway, the minute I landed,(after a railway ride and mishap) I had to snap some photos of my room.



Also that night, I went somewhere that caused Tumblr to go into a spin because Americans do not have this. Its become a sort of cultural phenomenon here. Got myself cheeky Nandos! Or really its just called Nandos but when you go with friends you can get all cheeky. So my host family was all there, all the girls anyway.


So those were the first 24 hours of my time in the UK.
     I have now been here for two weeks. I have some more adventures to tell. If you are one that likes to be prepared or you are always the one that is inconvenienced, when others cry “oh, but that never happens”, and it happens to you, then I have some tips for you.
      So stay tuned because I do get lost and it leads for more interesting stories when things do not go as planned. More posts about adventures about plane issues, train issues, and bus issues to come…


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