Traveling is great and it is a huge passion of mine. I have been studying at Oklahoma State for four years now. Most of my homesickness occurred freshman year. This trip has taught me that I may never stop feeling like a freshman because I tend to draw myself to new situations and throw myself in the deep end.
I am a senior treated like a “freshman”,in a different country, where the word freshman is next to meaningless. Sometimes I am mistaken for a native of Britain. I pick up accents quickly but I try to keep my American accent so that when I have a question, I can glide by the answer of being a foreigner.
Part of my intent of coming to the UK was to decide if there was any path that I would want to pursue in the future. I am starting to divine the answer.


I will continue to make connections and learn what I can from my courses.
Until then, my friends and family in Oklahoma are in my mind.



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