Dead or Alive

So today I decided to take a walk to the post office. I finally trusted myself to do that. On my way, I stopped in a few places that had piqued my curiosity on the bus ride home so many times.

The first stop, a church. In America, we don’t really see our dead buried by a church, that’s mostly a new England thing, we started to put them in cemeteries early on in our history. Cemeteries have always intrigued me. They are the place for spooky scary stories. Yet, there is a fantastic romantic thing about them. Whenever I go through them, I feel like I am honouring the dead by just taking time to visit and to wonder about them.

There are interesting things written on the engravings.

But in old cemeteries, there are the dates.

One of the other exchange students told me (because there is a large cemetery by the school), he was looking for one before 1776 (the self proclaimed start of America).

So I respectfully went through the headstones. I felt disrespectful even though I was taking time to give the dead due respect. Yet, I could not help but snap some shots of some of the beautiful headstones.

Did you know Jane Austen used to look at headstones in order to get character names? (and perhaps inspiration?) At least that’s the rumour I’ve heard. And yes, that’s how they spell rumor in the UK.

I ran into some other things that struck my eye.

IMG_8868 I had to take a picture of this because I can’t help but think of Iliza Shlesinger whenever tapas are mentioned, even though I have been to Spain, where the word actually came from and literally means “snack”.

Her comedy is great, she is on American Netflix, go check her out.


There is a local “pub”, one of many.


This place is adorable, with a door that has to be under five foot. It also smells wonderfully of gingerbread right by the door. I didn’t eat there, but I sincerely hope it stays in business for a long time.

Also came across a very photogenic cat, who when I walked by, did the painting thing where it’s head stayed in place and it’s eyes followed me. The eyes were beautiful because they are different colours.


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