What is a Paternoster?

What is a paternoster? Before having to get to class everyday via a paternoster, I had no clue. There are only a few left in the world, many of them were destroyed in Europe with modern architecture, Germany has the most but they also destroyed the most. They are considered “dangerous”, but to be honest they are not any more dangerous than an elevator. Just people do not know how to use them or they abuse them and freak out because it is slightly scary. I got off on the third floor the first time I used it.

But seeing as how the elevator was so slow, I was forced into using it. Ever since then, I have been fascinated. Can I become a rich businesswoman, arrange for a huge building to be built for my offices and have people use these? The US has–none that I have heard of….but it beats waiting for elevators in really large skyscrapers.



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