The UK equivalent of Xmas. I hope to find some lovely people who will invite me to their home for Christmas. I never would invite myself. I do want go to Indiana to celebrate Christmas as well though. I think it really will depend on the prices on plane tickets back….or if I find a boyfriend.

I am being really hopeful here. I will graduate in a semester but still….it’ll be a long distance relationship and those traditionally do not go well in people’s youths. I think I could pull it off, I like to write letters, I find it really romantic. But the part is, it’s a relationship, it is not just me.

So anyway, here are some ways the Brits celebrate Christmas.

I am also writing this because I do not get to celebrate the very important American holiday of Thanksgiving, so I am looking forward to all the candy and everything in the UK. I want to see the differences. But….maybe this will change because I actually wrote this in August, when I found the video. I just scheduled it to be posted now.

Thanks for reading! And please send your good holiday cheer I will be missing in the comments?


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