I have been extremely fortunate to grow up in a family that values experiences over material things. So we went on a lot of trips. When times were tough, we would only go on day trips, or visit a neighboring state. When times were good, we went cross country.

As I got older and they could afford a bit more, we started going on coastline cruises.

We stayed three weeks in Spain. This is something my mom had been wanting to do for half her life. We have friends in Spain. My mom is a dedicated pen pal. The importance and benefits of pen pals over the world is manifold. She taught me that.



I have lived in…..

Lafayette, IN- close to Purdue. Where all my extended family lives and has gone to school. I lived here for about ten years. I miss you!

Lebanon, IN- Lebanon is about halfway from Indianapolis and Lafayette. I lived here for about two years. I was enrolled in private school in Lafayette though, so my dad traveled to our school, because he worked in Lafayette while my mom worked in Indianapolis. It is a great town to ride your bike around. It’s the kind of town you can ride your bike around town, even though it is off of the highway.

Edmond, OK-I lived here for about 8 years. It is a pretty well off town with the best school system in the entire state. It is closes to Oklahoma City and a little ways from the historic old capital of Guthrie. I went to middle school and high school here. Be aware, people will ride your bumper.

Stillwater, OK- This is where I go to college. My parents moved while I was in college so it has felt more like home than Edmond or Woodward. It has a lot of mom and pop shops. Young college kids. Crazy frats but also, really charitable Greek life. The biggest homecoming in America. (No, really it is. I was in a sorority one semester and decided I could not do it every year because the prep that goes into homecoming, we had to put in 15 hours weekly. Every single girl and boy. It has had ESPN coverage. One grad student once told my class, I really don’t like Greeks because they don’t do anything, until I came here and you guys actually work your butts off for this.)

Woodward, OK- This is where my parents live and where my sister has been going to high school. It’s a quaint little town. It has magnificent fashionable stores. It has cute mom and pop restaurants. It is about 5 miles away from Boiling Springs State Park, which has excellent trails, a variety of wildlife, and a swimming pool in the summer. When I move, I am going to miss this the most. It does have a wonderful fireworks show and a lovely park/water park.

Tulsa, OK- I do not live here yet. I will live here only a few weeks before I live for awhile in the UK. My mom has gotten a new job and will be living in what the show “Friends” once called, “The Paris of Oklahoma”. Tulsa has a fascinating history and is a big city. They have a wonderful array of things to do, I have always wanted to stay there for awhile…Now I can.



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