One thing I found is that tourists kind of ruin everything. That must be why locals hate tourists despite us bringing in money to the area. We crowd around a Colosseum, taking expensive pictures with men dressed like Romans that do not even look legitimate. We crowd a beautiful fountain, putting coins in it, but crowd it so much that taxis drop you off to make you walk. No one can walk, everyone has a camera. Everyone is shoving and in the way of a shot. It’s noisy and you have to look for pick pockets in a crowd like that.

That’s why Rome was not nearly as enjoyable as I thought it was going to be….

The restaurant that my family went to did not serve my mom. She cried, because she was so hungry. She wanted to order a salad because everything had bread in it in Italy, so she was just trying to eat. I know that is just a custom, but it was a awful situation for her.  We had already ate so they did not serve us because we ordered nothing. But still, it is not nice to NO JOKE, push my mother off the chair, and guide her to the door, so fast I had to turn around and grab our umbrellas with him chasing me. I would have gladly ordered something to not have my mother cry. I would not recommend eating near the Vatican.

I am sure that if it was not a tourist packed trip, I would have enjoyed it more. I liked seeing everything. Like everything in Europe, I enjoyed every single day. The impression I got from Rome was, some businesses do not like tourists.

Be prepared for a lot of walking.


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