Spain was an absolute blast! So fun! Spain shows that the little things in life are the best.

So if you go to Spain be aware that

  1. You will do a lot of walking but most locals wear really nice shoes despite this.
  2. Uh-Language-Spanish speaking. Do not be afraid, a lot of places speak English too.
  3. They conserve water. So this means toilets that often do not have water in it, or sometimes peeing into a hole.

The bunnies were so fun. That was in Barcelona. There are a lot of street musicians. This one was playing some instrument but brought his bunnies and stuffed animals. It looked like it was to attract children and it sure did. It also looked like most of everything he owned right there, but I gave him a few Euros. It was worth it. It was a unique display. Everyone is so talented, people being statues and everything. But I thought he was truly unique. Plus, unlike the statues, I got to touch the bunnies. The rule kind of is, if you touch the performer or their things, you pay them.

I also paid two Euros to feed the birds. It was amazing. They all came up to me, not shy at all. Nothing like American pigeons, obviously, look at that. Don’t worry, I washed my hands afterward.

Also...Try their orange juice, it’s the most amazing orange juice I have ever had in my life. Even the store bought kind.


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