Abroad Packing

Luggage prices will get you. Pay close attention to what airlines require. If you are a pound over, there is no wiggle room, they will charge you so pack smart.

Rules for Packing Abroad

  1. Less is more,                                                                                                                                                                                       you are about to go abroad and get a bunch of knick knacks. Buying tourist-y things and you can be sure that if you forget anything or find that you in fact do need something, it is most likely available abroad too.
  2. Pack a change of clothes in your carry on.
  3. Pack what you need either in a large purse or your carry on- that is if all your luggage is lost, you still have the absolute essentials.
  4. 10812015I recommend that if you are a woman, carry a large purse onto the plane-      You can store more and take out important papers right out. Also many airlines will let you have a carry on AND a purse. So the bigger the better, just be considerate of the person next to you and DO NOT FORGET IT IF YOU PUSH IT UNDER YOUR SEAT (use it as a small cushion for your feet is better)
  5.  Roll your clothes like it’s a paper towel rack-      That way, you pack quite a lot in but not as if you steam pressed them or sucked all the air out so that it is harder packing back up
  6. Pack things that are not the end of the world if you lose      I pack clothes I like, sometimes love, but not things that I could not replace. For instance, I have a t-shirt I really love, but if I pack it and it gets ruined, well I may be upset but at the end of the day, I wore it a lot and it was probably it’s time to go. I am not packing the shirt nana made though. Do not bring things that have sentimental value. Things happen. It could be gone.
  7.  Remember that if you want to keep some trinkets, you may end up having to throw some of your clothes out. When I went to Spain, we threw out our underwear coming back so that we could fit more of the things we bought while there. If you are staying longer, you may have to be throwing out some shirts or something. I recommend slips. You can buy those white, blue, black shades you put under clothes anywhere for a small price usually.
  8. Consider the country you are going to, for things such as electrical outlets, you may need to bring converters, but you can usually buy it when arriving at the airport. Also consider what you should not bring, for instance a book may be fine, but in some countries they do have harsher censorship and your things may be confiscated when entering the country.
  10. vera-bradley-one-shoulder-cross-body-bag-purple-335849-1Buy purses that are like so (and remember what I said about the large purse, put this purse in the larger one for when you go out)…. this way you can hang the purse over your neck and shoulder to make it unlikely to be yanked from you, as well as facing the zipper and flap toward you so there is more of a chance you would notice if a pick pocket came up to you.


If you are packing for a longer trip, all of these apply, but you need to also keep in mind what you may need for work/school. You should not need much more than this, everything else you should be able to buy there or send home if really need be….Just keep the tech stuff you may need in mind.

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